Self Rx publishes the diabetes digital publications Insulin Nation and Type 2 Nation.

Each digital platform features articles, blog posts, commentary, and product reviews that educate and influence millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. People with diabetes, and the loved ones who care for them, rely on Self Rx’s digital platforms for information that can improve their health now. Self Rx also reports on the most promising developments in science, technology, and therapy in diabetes care for the future.

In addition to informing and inspiring our readers, we develop custom marketing solutions that enable our advertising partners to connect their cutting-edge products and services with a large audience of those who are actively seeking new opportunities to improve their health. Opportunities to reach our communities of readers include traditional forms of digital advertising, native advertising, sponsorships, sponsored content, live events, email marketing and more.

If you are interested in encouraging better health and better approaches to diabetes care, please contact CEO Rick Jaffe at rjaffe@selfrx.com.

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